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From:  Bryan Winters
Re:  One Minute Sites!

Dear Reader,

Are you ready for an exciting new way to generate fresh leads and sales online?

There's nothing else like this available...

It's a dead simple, yet innovative new breed of web-site (and site generating system) that can help build lists, leads and sales for just about any topic or market you can imagine.

And amazingly, you can have your first site online and 100% ready to roll merely by filling in a few blanks and clicking one little button.

What Leads To The Internet Lifestyle?

Frankly, I used to hate computers.  I worked in a factory and made $500 per week. My wife ran a home daycare to make ends meet.  If somebody had told me back then that I'd eventually be running my own successful Internet business, I'd have called 'em crazy...

Yet here I am today, enjoying the Internet lifestyle!

My factory job is ancient history.  I had the chance tell my boss good bye forever just like those stories you hear.  I literally make more than 10 times what I made at the factory, yet I work as little as 1 or 2 hours a day.  I wake up when I want and set my own schedule.  And I don't have a commute...  I work from home.  Or from my cabin.  Or even from the Princess Cruise Ship my wife and I took to Hawaii in October!  I can easily run my business from almost anywhere in the world.

To what do I owe this success?  How have I been able to achieve four different six-figure sites and well over 15,000 paid monthly members over the years?...

I couldn't have done it without my list!

I'm referring to my list of email subscribers.  Actually multiple lists for my various sites.  You see, everybody on my list is a lead.  A potential customer.  Any time I feel like launching a new site or promoting an affiliate product, I can literally count on making money by emailing my list.  I recently promoted a new affiliate product that brought me 116 sales and $2,105.70 in recurring monthly income...  And all I did was email my list!

I literally don't remember the last time I emailed an offer to my list and did not make money.  It just doesn't happen.  (Obviously, make sure to promote quality products that truly benefit your subscribers.)

If your inbox is like mine you receive new income "opportunities" every day.  In my early days online I tried everything from eBay to MLM. But I came to realize that in terms of raw money making power and efficiency, list marketing beats everything else hands down.  And it's as true now as it was then.

So let me ask...

Would you like to own a list like mine?  Well now there's really no excuse not to...

Introducing The "One Minute Site" System

A "One Minute Site" (OMS) is a simple, yet new and innovative type of web-site designed specifically to generate targeted leads and build lists...

Having your own list is as good as money in the bank if done right.  I want others to experience the absolute thrill of list ownership!  And that's why I created the One Minute Site (OMS) lead system...  To help you build your first list if you're an Internet marketing newbie.  And to help you generate more leads and additional lists if you're a seasoned marketer.

Make no mistake, my One Minute Sites aren't your typical kind of web-site.  In fact, as I write this letter there's nothing else out there like 'em.  Using a uniquely powerful subscriber incentive, OMS's are focused almost solely on generating leads and building lists that make you money.  (Though they also contain a clever built in profit incentive.)

Oh, and things don't end after your first One Minute Site either.  More on that in a bit, but first...

One Little Button With Big Results!

Generating a One Minute Site is so easy anybody can do it...

Here's how it works:

I'll give you the "secret link" to a short web form where you'll fill in a few blanks.  The information you enter is used to automatically customize your OMS.  For example, your email address is needed so that your leads can be delivered.  Simple stuff.

After completing the form (which takes less than a minute if you have your email and other information handy), you create your OMS by clicking a button like this:


...I told you this was simple!

After "the big click" you instantly receive a unique URL to your new site, ready to rock!

You don't need a hosting account.  Everything runs on our high-speed dedicated server.  Therefore, no need to bother with things like uploading and domain transfers.  The only thing you'll need is a service to manage the list you'll be building - I recommend Aweber or Getresponse, and I'll show you how to get set up with either of them in a flash (I use both). These services allow you to blast out messages and ads to your subscribers whenever you'd like!

Your OMS is also available for download if you decide to host it on your own server.  This option enables you to edit the site as well.

 What's Better Than Owning A List?

There's only one thing better than owning a list. And that's owning multiple lists...

There are actually 14 proven list building websites (covering 7 of the HOTTEST, most profitable niche topics online) instantly available to you as an OMS member.  Soon you can have an entire portfolio of OMS sites to build lists in these different niches!

Here's where it gets even more exciting...

Normally you don't want to email the same list every single day.  But imagine having a different list for every day of the week!  That's what my OMS system is all about. Places like ClickBank have thousands and thousands of free affiliate products that pay big commissions.  So you could easily select a new product to promote to a separate list - every day!  

Each OMS targets a hot niche topic.  Here are the topics you'll have INSTANT access to:

Don't worry if you're not seeing your favorite topics.  I'll cover the solution to that in a minute.  And remember, whether the topic itself interests you doesn't much matter if it puts money in the bank!

Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing Version 2
Weight Loss Secrets
Weight Loss Version 2
Travel Secrets
Travel Version 2
Real Estate Profit
Real Estate Version 2
Stock Market Profits
Stock Market Version 2
Job Hunting Secrets
Job Hunting Version 2
Home Schooling Reports
Home Schooling Version 2

Every OMS comes with a variety of preloaded content including text reports and video clips... All of which is used to help generate leads in a very unique way.

I've also hired one of the web's premier graphic designers to give each site a sleek and professional look.  Prepare to be impressed!

7 Steps To Profit

In addition to unlimited leads, every site includes the potential to generate affiliate sales (with a strategic built in bonus incentive to maximize sales)...

Secret Formula:  When you become a member, I'll reveal how I began generating subscribers within a couple hours of having created my first One Minute Site, using simple free and dirt cheap ads!

I'll also reveal:

  • Step 1. My top free advertising methods.
  • Step 2. How to build positive relationships with your subscribers.
  • Step 3. How to get your subscribers to tell you what they want to buy from you!
  • Step 4. How often to send paid offers and specials to your list.
  • Step 5. How I use automated follow up messages to generate effortless profits.
  • Step 6. How to get your own subscribers to advertise for you!
  • Step 7. My OMS System blueprint (the "promo a day" formula and more)!

I should make it clear that you keep 100% of all leads and commissions made.  These are your sites, your leads, and your profits.  Period.

Your 1st One Minute Site Is Waiting!

Right after becoming a member you can launch your first OMS immediately.  Just choose from any of the ready made niches above!

Your 7 Steps To Profit training will also begin right away.

And check this out...

I'll ALSO hand you the keys to a killer backend service that will enable you to produce endless leads and lists for virtually any niche or market you're in.

This "undisclosed" backend software could EASILY be a membership service on its own.  Or sell for a high ticket fee.  But its YOURS for no additional cost guaranteed - IF you're one of the next 50 23 12 people to join!...

"If You Don't Mind Paying DOUBLE
You Can Join Any Old Time"

Lists and leads.  That's what it's all about!  Imagine being able to make money every time you email a simple offer to your list. If done right, that's the ultimate benefit of list ownership.  And fresh leads are the lifeblood of any business...

Your membership is the gateway to lists and unlimited leads in the hottest markets online!


How much are leads worth to YOU?  It depends on what you're selling, and they're buying...  If your leads are anxiously scooping up the $200 commission affiliate product you're promoting, they're probably worth a fortune.

Some companies readily pay $10 or more per lead.  They can afford to do so simply because their customers are worth much more!

Listen, needless to say I could easily justify charging $97 monthly for my OMS system...

But at the moment the price is just $20 for the first month, and $20 for each additional month that you choose to remain a member. Instead of paying $10 per LEAD like some companies, you're paying a minimal fee for access to 14 proven list building SITES in the hottest niches going...

You get the instant sites hosted on our servers, the optional download versions, the training, the whole enchilada!  ...Any of these alone are worth the price of admission, trust me.

So why my crazy low price?

It's not because I'm an idiot (laughs). It's simply because this is an introductory offer.  If you don't mind paying double you can join any old time.  But if you want the best deal possible, it's important that you lock in at the current price today...

NOTICE:  On one of my other membership sites I just raised the price for all new members by over 40%.  So this is no marketing ploy.  I may never raise prices.  Or I may raise them tomorrow.  To get in at the Charter Price, join now...

Free (1 Cent) 7 Day Trial Period,
And A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

My orders are processed securely by, the web's leading third party merchant processor.  If you're not satisfied for any reason, don't sweat it...  You can actually go "over my head" and cancel your membership at any time, right from within your own account. But I'm confident you're going to be so ecstatic over the benefits and results of my OMS system, you'll never want to leave!

One thing's clear.  You have absolutely zero risk.  Nothing stands in your way of test driving my OMS system for zero cost.  Why not generate your first site and apply my training?  If things aren't up to par, you can either cancel during the 7 day trial period, or request a refund within 30 days. And you still get to keep all leads and sales produced. Case closed.

Free (1 Cent) 7 Day Trial!

Yes Bryan, I can't wait to gain instant access and generate my first One Minute Site!  I agree that the absolute best way to achieve the Internet lifestyle and make money online is by growing my own list. I have read & agree to your terms below.

For questions or technical problems related to your order please contact our support center.

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Here For Your Success,
Bryan Winters
-Bryan Winters
CEO, GoldLiger Marketing, Inc.

P.S. I'll "shut up" and let you join now, but I want to demonstrate one last time just how rewarding it is to have your own list...

This past summer I was up at our cabin in Northern Minnesota with my friend Adam.  I sat him down for about 30 minutes and let him watch as I sent out an affiliate promotion to my list. After that we headed out on the lake for a day of fishing. You can probably guess the rest of the story.  To the absolute amazement of my buddy Adam, I ended up making thousands of dollars for that measly 30 minutes of work...

Hey it's a tough job (wink, wink) but somebody's gotta do it.  Why not you?

P.P.S. Here's a peek at what members are saying about (all testimonials are on file and verifiable)...

Bryan. Sylvie Fortin here. For many years, I've been following your product launches like a hound follows a scent. For a very good reason...

You consistently raise the bar for high quality products and always deliver better quality than expected. And now, with One Minute Sites, you've done it again! Seriously, you are a genius.

I joined this membership in addition to almost everything you've published because I know your work and trust you to try your best to build a simple solution. But I need to be honest with you. I wasn't sure you could meet your own objectives with this one. I honestly thought even you wouldn't be able to make a high quality lead generating solution the way you said you did. Sorry, but it really seemed too good to be true.

I've worked with thousands of people who use a variety of "simple tools"
to build their lead capture pages, and the reality is that they often sacrifice quality in the interest of "speed". So I really didn't think that your product would actually build great quality, impressive sales copy, AND manage to be extremely technophobe friendly.

I was incredibly surprised when I tested it and it actually worked! Inside of only 2 minutes (it took a full two minutes to read your simple instructions and build the site) I actually had created a high quality lead capture page and I knew this is a product I can't wait to tell people about. I have hundreds of students who are desperate for something like this.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have absolutely done it again and I applaud you for making it so easy for internet marketing coaches like me to teach list building to our students. Please let me know as soon as you develop your next brilliant product.

Sylvie Fortin
Founder of Success Chef University
This is the most incredible and innovative idea that I have encountered on the web.  In just two days of promoting I have built my list to over 350 and not spent 10 cents.  All through articles and Web2.0.  Keep up the great work.

Dick Weiss
Hey Bryan,

This system you've set up at One Minute Sites is amazing man. You must have found the absolute easiest way for anyone to start building a list while earning some impressive commissions at the same time.  Thanks for always coming up with ideas like this that seem to boost my income, every time I plug in.  ;)

You and I have been buddies and even business partners on sites for a long time now so I guess you could say I'm a bit bias....but I really do have to say that what you've put together here will absolutely revolutionize the way people build and profit from there lists.

Thanks buddy,  Jerome Chapman

As a member of InfoGoRound and AudioGoRound, I know your reputation for
quality and unsurpassed value
already precedes the launch of OneMinuteSites and any savvy internet marketer knows that a new product with your name on it is a definite "Jump on it Now!!" and read the fine print later.

The greatest challenge for anyone is time and your product reduces the time
taken to bring us to the market to seconds. You are giving us the greatest gift of all - leveraging time, energy and resources. My affiliate list have unreservedly pounced on this and I am holding them back with a leash until launch date as they drool to email their newbie friends who have dreamt of this but didn't have the know-how to produce quality sites. Great going Bryan!

Dr Mike Black
These One Minute Sites are just more undisputable proof that we are
at the beginning of a Golden Age for running a net based business and folks
better stop playing games and start taking advantage of that fact.
Building and marketing to our lists helps us build a stable and long term asset and One Minute Sites makes that most worthwhile endeaver 10X easier. How can the list building process possibly get any easier than with One Minute Sites?
Hi Bryan,

Putting up my first OneMinuteSite was a breeze. Thanks for the clear and
easy instructions, and for the Member Training Session that followed. I've
yet to put your traffic tips into operation, but I'll be doing that in the
next couple of days and I'm looking forward to getting good results.

All the best,

Alan Rowbotham
Hey Bryan,

I just wanna thank you for providing us this awesome list building system.

You see, I am a full time internet marketer and the reason I can quit my day job is because I have successfully built my own lists.

Right now I am in an effort of getting my business to a higher level and I know the only proven way for me to do it is to build multiple lists the way I build my current lists.

The problem is to achieve that I will need to create more squeeze pages and contents for that, it's a tedious job...

Your site gives me the solution to expand my list easily! Not only in my current niche but with your help I will be able to build multiple lists in other HOT Niches that I wanted to penetrate but didn't have the time to do it!

So thanks for the simplicity of your system.  After I setup my site I cloak my link (took me only 2 mins) and then use my old domain name to host the cloaked file, within a few hours I see sign ups coming (I haven't really promoted it yet)...

Oh one more thing I also like your step by step traffic system, it will help newbies a lot to promote...I know it works since I also use the same strategy to build my lists!

Looking forward for my next site...


Heri Rosyadi
This is the fastest way to setup a list building site and start promoting. Within minutes subscribers were coming in. Awesome system that is worth 100 times more... Crazy for such a small investment 
Dan Giordano
Hi Bryan,

I just wanted to thank you once again for creating something that any new or existing marketer can use to get quality leads for their business and generate income. I've used your information in the past and this is BY FAR the best you've ever developed. The set up was extremely easy to follow and understand. We all need leads and this system is the best I've seen yet to do just that! That's what it's all about...helping others succeed! Keep up the great work and I look forward to working with you.

Rodney Coleman

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